Fall Adult Program

Adult Program - Fall 2017

Fall term dates: August 28 - December 22

Stillwater Music is closed on Durango School District 9R holidays and seasonal breaks. We are open on 9R professional development days. We also close for any 9R snow days or other 9R emergency closures. So during the Fall 2016 term we are scheduled to be closed on these days:
  • Monday, September 4 - Labor Day
  • Monday-Friday, November 20-24 - Thanksgiving break

Stillwater has a long tradition of offering classes for adults. Maybe you’re picking up your instrument again after having it stashed in the attic for years, or you’ve been playing at the kitchen table and want to try being in a band, or you’ve been getting together with friends but need some structure and focus to actually get out there and play. Whatever the case, there is a place for you at Stillwater.

For people with some experience playing/singing in groups there are ongoing ensemble classes covering a variety of music genres & styles. The "Animas" classes are classes for adults who have less experience, are returning to playing an instrument, are just learning to play in an ensemble, or are wanting to explore a new musical genre. And we even have a Beginning Adult Band for people with little or no experience playing in a group or even playing an instrument!

Stillwater’s community classes & workshops (see the end of this page) are an opportunity for youth and adults to learn and play music together in a relaxed and fun environment. We especially encourage family members to participate in these classes together.

TUITION POLICY: Tuition includes at $50 registration deposit. In most cases this deposit is non-refundable after the first day of classes. Please refer to our Policies and Procedures for full details.


Our year-round adult groups all perform regularly throughout the Four Corners area. Join us and share the music! These classes have varying requirements for musical experience. If you would like to join one of these adult classes, please contact the instructor first before registering.

“Flat Tire Blues Band” - Blues
Tuesdays 7:15 - 8:45pm

Tuition: $330
Instructor: Lawrence Nass
Please contact Steve Dejka before registering: (970) 769-0171sdejka@stillwatermusic.org

This combo group focuses on American blues and blues-oriented jazz. Participants are expected to have an good understanding of chords, blues scales and basic blues/jazz rhythms. This group is performance oriented.

“DurangaTones” - A Cappella Vocal
Thursdays 7:15 - 8:45pm
Tuition: $330
Instructor: Sheryl Jones 
Please contact Sheryl Jones before registering: (512) 496-8504sheryl.jones77@gmail.com

This a cappella group covers a wide range of material including pop, soul, jazz, R&B, and more. We focus on tight harmonies, dynamic range, rhythmic depth and vocal blending. We may venture into vocalese, scat singing and beat-boxing, depending on where class participants want to take it.

“Seven Sharp 11″ - Jazz
Tuesdays 7:15 - 8:45pm
Tuition: $330
Instructor: Boothe Iberg
Please contact Steve Dejka before registering: (970) 769-0171sdejka@stillwatermusic.org

An advanced band covering jazz standards, contemporary jazz compositions, Latin jazz, funk tunes and less-often-heard gems. This performance-oriented group focuses on creating deep grooves complimented by tight horn arrangements within a wide variety of repertoire.

“Soul What?!?!” – Soul/Blues/Contemporary
Wednesdays 7:15 - 8:45pm
Tuition: $330
Instructor: Ryan McCurry
Please contact Ryan McCurry before registering: (970) 946‑8655, jazzpianoryan@gmail.com

This group focuses on songs in the realm of blues, soul, funk, rock and Latin. We cover basic theory, sight reading, band dynamics, communication, rhythm composition, soloing and live performance. Songs are chosen by group members as well as the instructor.

“Groove Casters” - Latin/Funk
Mondays 6:30-8:00pm
Tuition: $315
Instructor: Steve Dejka
Please contact Steve Dejka before registering: (970) 769-0171sdejka@stillwatermusic.org

An advanced band exploring many styles including Latin, funk, blues, pop and more. This group plays professionally in the Four Corners area and includes Stillwater faculty members.


“Electric Boogaloo” - Rock/Blues/Reggae/Latin/Jazz

Mondays 7:15-8:45pm beginning October 9th.
Tuition: $197
Instructor: Chad Tracy

An adult band exploring many styles including Latin, funk, blues, reggae, jazz, and more.


The "Animas" classes are classes for adults who have less experience, are returning to playing an instrument, are just learning to play in an ensemble, or are wanting to explore a new musical genre.

"Animas Roots" - Americana I & II
Mondays 7:15 - 8:45pm (section I) or Thursdays 7:15 - 8:45pm (section II)
Tuition: $315
Instructor: Terry Double (Mondays), Chad Tracy (Thursdays)
Please contact Chad Tracy before registering: (512) 784-9601, ctracy@stillwatermusic.org

This class explores repertoire from American roots music styles such as folk, bluegrass, country and blues as well as some contemporary indie-folk and acoustic versions of popular songs. This performance-oriented class will be geared toward using mainly acoustic instruments. Arrangements will be tailored to the specific group instrumentation and may include extensive work with vocal harmonies.

There are two different sections of this class offered: section I meets Mondays, section II meets Thursdays.

"Animas Jazz" - Chamber Jazz
Thursdays 12:30 - 2:00pm
Tuition: $330
Instructor: Ryan McCurry
Please contact Ryan McCurry before registering: 970‑946‑8655, jazzpianoryan@gmail.com


This class covers classic and contemporary jazz compositions in an intimate combo setting.

"Animas Rock" - Rock

Wednesdays 5:30 - 6:55pm
Tuition: $330
Instructor: Steve Dejka Please contact Steve Dejka before registering: (970) 759-0171sdejka@stillwatermusic.org

Rock and blues with a full horn line.



Beginning Adult Band
Wednesdays 11:00am - 12:30pm
Recommended age/experience level: adults; no experience required
Tuition: $330
Instructor: Steve Dejka

Please contact Steve Dejka before registering: (970) 769-0171, sdejka@stillwatermusic.org

Stillwater Music offers this group for adult students with little or NO experience in a group setting, or even on an instrument. Focus is on learning to play a variety of music in a band setting, with basic instruction on correct technique on one’s instrument and/or vocals. Songs are chosen that are of interest to students and appropriate for students' experience level. Genres of music include: Pop, Oldies Rock ’n Roll, Classic Rock, Motown, Blues and more. Students are required to own an instrument and are encouraged to take private lessons for more detailed individual instruction.


"Batucada de Durango" - Community Samba Band

Wednesdays 7:15 - 8:45pm
Recommended age/experience level: adults and youth 12 & up, no experience required
Tuition: $330
Instructor: Clay Lowder

A percussion based ensemble for adults and youth (12 & up) in the Durango community and surrounding areas. This ensemble consists of traditional Brazilian and Afro-Cuban rhythms and percussion instruments including; surdu, caixa, repinique, tamborim, and agogo, among others. This group will schedule performances in the Durango area (TBA). No prior experience is necessary and all instruments are provided. Participants may attend one or both sessions.


Private lessons are available for just about any instrument.

Private lesson rates:
  • $25.00 per half hour
  • $37.50 per 45 minutes
  • $50.00 per hour

Please see our Policies and Procedures for our private lesson policies & guidelines. Group lessons are also available.

For more information, please contact Steve Dejka, Music Director, at (970) 769-0171 or sdejka@stillwatermusic.org.